Welcome to the Chicago Chapter of YWTF!

YWTF Chicago is a service oriented, social and professional resource for younger women. Our vision is to create a limitless, safe space for networking, sharing and growing through opportunities that serves to empower into action our members and supporters at large on a personal, professional, local, national and international level. Our vision is to plan and participate in activities and programming that will uphold our integrity, humility and dedication to being leaders and supporters of women’s issues.

What we’ve accomplished so far

A Letter From the Director

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I welcome you to our redesigned website. The Younger Women’s Task Force – Chicago Chapter has new beginnings on the horizon and we welcome our returning and new supporters. Through this site you will find our mission, values, call to action and other activities.

Our mission is to advance the interests of younger women and I invite you to join us in our service to the community and visit our website. We take pride in offering opportunities and programs that provide meaningful professional networking, career development, social and service oriented events.

I hope you will join us as we strive to improve the status of younger women in Chicago, promote awareness surrounding our causes, and support professional development and advancement. I hope that you will partner with us as we host speak outs, brunch n’ discuss, networking events, and various service oriented projects.

This year, we will organize many exciting events tailored to balancing career, family, life, and individual interests from the younger woman’s perspective.

Join us on this journey to further develop personally and professionally,
teach others, and have fun!


– Sequoya D. Hayes,
President, YWTF-Chicago

Our Issues

  • Leaders who look and think like us
  • Access to health care for women
  • Fair pay for women
  • Work-life balance
  • Equal access to education
  • Reproductive rights
  • An end to human trafficking
  • An end to violence against women

Our History

Back in 2004, Alison Stein sat down with her boss to talk about how young women needed a space for activism. Not only did Stein’s boss want to help, as the chair of the National Council of Women’s Organizations (NCWO) she could. Within weeks, Stein found 25 other women leaders who wanted to join her. Together they became the National Coordinating Committee for the Younger Women’s Task Force. The movement grew the following year when 130 women from 42 different states came to Washington, D.C., to draft a Younger Women’s issues agenda. The group also established YWTF chapters across the country and officially commenced the work of the Task Force.

Our Relationship with AAUW

In 2013, YWTF found a new home with AAUW, and we now operate as an affiliated entity of the organization. That means that if you’re a member of YWTF, you’re also a member of AAUW, which is awesome since AAUW’s been a community empowering women for 124 years longer than we have and provides a huge group of allies and advocates of all ages to help us with our work.